1 // 26.11.2019

BECK Series A7 now with adjustable base

New Feature for BECK CITYrund (Serie A7) litter bin: An adjustable base now is available as an accessory for the A7 series waste bins. This consists of two oblique rings, which can be rotated to suit the angle of inclination of the installation surface. So Your CITYrund always stays vertical.
2 // 10.10.2019

Litterbin CITYrund with expanded metal available

Our BECK litterbin A7 CITYrund can be ordered with a new option: expanded metal instead of sheet metal. It looks very interesting and makes this big bin less attractive for sprayers. There are two capacities and four different roofs available, including an ashtray.


3 // 06.10.2019

BECK launches the new A18 litterbin

BECK now launches the litterbin CITYline A18. This is a high-class bin with a volume of 60 liters that perfectly fits into a modern city. It has a front door and inner bin as well as slats made of hardwood. There are options with bag dispenser for dog waste or ashtray available. Read more about CITYline.
4 // 06.06.2019

NUSSER benches in gardening show "Remstal Gartenschau"

"Remstal Gartenschau" (from May 10th to October 20th 2019) is a horticultural show 80 km along river Rems near Stuttgart. 16 communities participate in this show which happened the first time. NUSSER provided the show with benches and rotatable lounge chairs. The support of these benches is made of concrete and contains the logo of "Remstal Gartenschau", as they were looking for a solid and unique bench.
5 // 10.05.2019

Prolongation of our FSC certificate

Nusser Stadtmöbel got a five year prolongation of FSC certificate after a successful audit in April this year. This helps to preserve a sustainable timber industry. This seems to be of particular importance as tropical wood fits to the needs for public design furniture in a perfect way. Read more under knowledge.
6 // 12.04.2019

CLUB, a new lounge bench

A new way of siting. Nusser presents a lounge bench named CLUB. It has a bigger depth of seat and is less high than other benches are. Club can be combined with backrest and is available in severel lengths. Ask for more information.
7 // 04.03.2019
Nusser, Beck, ODM, Stausberg

Merge of ODM and NUSSER

About five years ODM Stadtmöbel had been part of our NUSSER-GROUP. Now we merged ODM with Nusser Stadtmöbel. All products still will be available to guarantee continuity. Read more about this under COMPANIES and contact us in case of any questions.
8 // 24.01.2019

Wall mounted seats with acrylic slats

Our wall mounted seats now also are available with curved acrylic slats, even with backrest. The resistable acrylic slats are produced individually for each projects and You can choose colour out of many alternatives. Ask for more details.


9 // 20.12.2018
Nusser, Beck, ODM, Stausberg

New graffiti-cleaner available

Spray painted public space furniture is a nuisance for most communities. For metal surfaces as well as concrete and hardwood, NUSSER has an innovative new cleaning system, that allows to remove graffiti without heavy scrubbing. This innovation saves communities money and time.

This system is a newly formulated cleaner that does not harm environment or water but cleans very effectivly spray paint. Litter bins or benches, for example, can be cleaned from graffiti and do not have to be repainted. It often also works in other surfaces like concrete or hardwood but needs more time then.

This new ANTI-GRAFFITI-CLEANER has been specially developed to remove spray paint, inks glue and sticks. Shortly after the cleaner is applied, it can be wiped off. Please contact us for more information.


10 // 23.11.2018

SEDAN bench for double sided-seating

SEDAN is a well designed bench that also is available for double-sided seating. So this bench even becomes more effectful and attractive - like a design-element.