11 // 17.09.2018
Nusser, Beck, ODM, Stausberg

Thank you for visiting us on GALABAU fair

Thank you for visiting us on our stand on the GALABAU exibition in Nuernberg this year. We had many new contacts and talks about street furniture in generel and projects as well.
12 // 21.06.2018

BECK presents the new CITYbig

BECK CITYbig (Serie A19) is a new garage for standard 240 l waste bins. It makes collecting waste more efficient and smart. CITYbig can be ordered with metal or wood on both sides. Also there are three different roofs available. Test it!
13 // 20.04.2018

IFAT is world leading fair for waste management

IFAT is world leading trade fair for waste management. It takes place from May 14 - 18, 2018 at Messe Munich. We will be there with our BECK brand to show the big portfofio of litter bins. We cordialy invite you to visit at stand A5.303 in Munich.
14 // 16.03.2018

New A7 litter bin with sloping top

In addition to the known litter bin BECK A7, now we offer an A7S with sloping top. This lookes modern and avoids that litter can be placed on top. There are three volumes available. A7S completely is galvanized and coated in DB703.
15 // 11.09.2017

Litterbin A17 (EUbox) now with ashtray

BECK now comes up with an A17 with integrated ashtray. It is located under the roof and can be emptied from inside. A perfect alternative for this product!
16 // 28.06.2017

INLINA with backrests and armrests

Our bench INLINA can be provided with backrests or armrests. They can be combined individually. Also the length of backrest can be custommade. So bench INLINA becomes even more attractive.
17 // 11.04.2017

Stausberg installs a wooden tower inside of austrian familypark

Stausberg Stadtmöbel GmbH is an austrian NUSSER-GROUP company. We installed for Familypark near Lake Neusiedl a 9 meter tower, produced by Kinderland Emsland, which will be a new attraction there. Find more information here: http://www.familypark.at
18 // 05.01.2017

BASE bench - robust and contemporary

To design a robust and contemporary bench with concrete feet. This had been the intesnsion that led to our new bench BASE. It looks familiar to our known BK-benches and only has three wodden slats. The concrete can be chosen in grey or anthrazit grey.
19 // 12.11.2016

Bnech B490 with modular backrest

ODM presents a new stainless steel bench with modular backrests. The surface is electropolished and therefore lasts a verry long time in a perfect shape. This and the tubal seats makes this ODM bench very restistable and long lasting.
20 // 19.09.2016
Nusser, Beck, ODM, Stausberg

GALABAU 2016 exhibition in Nuernberg

Thank You for visiting us on GALABAU exhibition between 14th and 17th of September 2016. We had four days filled up with lots of meetings and interesting talks with our clients and partners.
21 // 31.08.2016
Nusser, Beck, ODM, Stausberg


Spray painted public space furniture is a nuisance for most communities. For painted surfaces, NUSSER has an innovative new paint , that allows to remove graffiti without heavy scrubbing. This innovation saves communities money and time.

The technology available so far included typically a layer over the regular paint, which had to be reapplied after graffiti was removed. The new NUSSER ANTI-GRAFFITI-SYSTEM is a newly formulated spray paint that permanently protects the surfaces of metal parts. Litter bins, for example, can be cleaned from graffiti with a special fluid several times and do not have to be repainted.

This new ANTI-GRAFFITI-FLUID has been specially developed to remove spray paint, inks glue and sticks. Shortly after the cleaning fluid is applied, it can be wiped off and flushed with water. The paint and its capability to repel graffiti remain unaffected.  Please contact us for more information.

22 // 30.08.2016


BECK has developed a solar powered level indicator for litter bins. The system reports via email or SMS the degree of fill of each litter bin. This allows the communities waste management to only service those bins with a high degree of fill at significant cost savings.

Each individual litter bin is equipped with a level indicator reporting the actual level on a regular basis. The level indicator has an ultrasonic sensor. The system is connected with the internet. After a certain level of waste is reached at any individual bin, an alert is sent via the cell phone system in form of an SMS or email. Also, in case of a malfunction of the components, the system sends an alert.

The application of the SOLAR POWERED LEVEL INDICATOR is best suited for the BECK litter bins Type A7 CITYround and A10 CITYnorm. Please contact us for more details.


23 // 30.05.2016

Our new BECK-catalogue

BECK is the specialist for litter bins in public space. We now published our catalogue 2016 with lots of new products and ideas. Please ask for Your book.
24 // 02.05.2016

Lightweighted bench by ODM

Especially for sunroofs on ships ODM created this bench B5000. It is not lightweighted and even can be stabled. The seeting is made with plastic slats. Therefore this bench is very multifunctional.
25 // 02.05.2016

Durable stainless steel bench

ODM is our specialist for products made of stainless steel. We designed a new bench (B480) with tubes, which makes it a very solid and durable bench. It is available with or without backrest. The surface is electropolished which is very easy to maintain.
26 // 02.05.2016

New BECK-Litter Bin

Following an increasing demand for bigger volumina Beck designed the new Litter Bin EUbox (A17). It has a galvanized and coated corpus and a capacity of 80 liters. There is a snap-lock in the frontdoor and an inner bin for quick deposal. A Litter Bin in an innovativ shape!
27 // 03.03.2016

Rack for kids scooters

BECK presents a new parkingrack for scooters especially for designed kindergardens and schools. It is made for five scooters in a row and can be fixed on the ground. A wooden slat brings the scooter into position.
28 // 26.11.2015

LED-benches for OSK hospital

For the new hospital in Wangen / Allgäu (OSK) there were installed litterbins A15 from BECK and DESSAU benches from NUSSER. Now LEDs are added on these benches. LED light brings a good oportunity to design public spaces on a high level.
29 // 04.11.2015
Nusser, Beck, ODM, Stausberg

NUSSER GROUP on FSB in Cologne

Thank You for Your visit on the FSB 2015 in Cologne. We had a lot of very good and interesting contacts there. Especially our products with slats made of Acryl had a very positive response.
30 // 14.07.2015

SINUS wavebench new at NUSSER

We are very pleased to offer the SINUS wavebench to our customers from now on. See the elegance of this modular bench system - the wave ist spectacular, if several moduls are connected.
31 // 30.04.2015

Our new production facility is fully operational.

Our new production facility in the city of Waldbröl (70km east of  Cologne) is fully operational.
Machines, stock and furniture are all in place and everyone who needs to be is connected to the outside world by telephone and internet.
Many operating procedures have been reorganized and streamlined for the best production flow. Moreover the  modern and bright workshops are giving a much better atmosphere to our Waldbröl team.

A big thank you to all our customers and partners who were confronted with longer production times during this transformation.

The Waldbröl plant is replacing our old facility in the city of Friesenhagen.
In combination with our plants in Winnenden and Mosbach, Waldbröl will contribute hugely to a much better capacity and production performance within our group.
32 // 20.04.2015

BONSIT gets iF Product Design Award

Our bench BONSIT achieved an 2015th iF Product Design Award. This makes clear that both form and function are important and typical features for Nusser products.
33 // 01.02.2015

STAUSBERG Stadtmöbel day 1

Today is day 1 for STAUSBERG Stadtmöbel belonging to the NUSSER-group. STAUSBERG is the main reseller of NUSSER-products in Austria.

Our customers benefit from an enlarged range of products.

34 // 22.12.2014

Our new ODM-book

To the end of 2014 we present our new ODM catalogue. On 212 pages you find a big variety of metal-benches, litterbins, bike racks and pollards. Order your book by mail.
35 // 14.10.2014

Tested safety - TÜV certificate for ODM-products

Savety is important. Therefore multiple ODM-products are regularly inspected by the TÜV. On October 14th, 2014 the savety certificate was issued. It is valid for the next 4 years.
36 // 27.06.2014

Our new cataloque for NUSSER benches

37 // 09.05.2014
Nusser, Beck, ODM, Stausberg

Two new Mercedes trucks for the plants in Mosbach and Winnenden

38 // 25.04.2014

Bench TULIP is presented at 2014 gardening show near Stuttgart

39 // 04.04.2014

FSC Certificate for Nusser for five more years

40 // 21.02.2014
Nusser, Beck, ODM, Stausberg

Thank you for the visit on the fair Altenpflege 2014 in Hannover

41 // 24.01.2014
Nusser, Beck, ODM, Stausberg

The new Stadtmöbel Channel on Youtube

42 // 24.01.2014

ODM joins our NUSSER group

43 // 23.12.2013

Costum made bench on a bridge in Hamburg harbour

44 // 18.11.2013

Competition for designed benches

45 // 27.08.2013
Nusser, Beck, ODM, Stausberg

Our presentation at the fair FSB2013 in Cologne

46 // 12.04.2013
Nusser, Beck, ODM, Stausberg

Our Website in English

47 // 18.01.2013

Bench BETASIT gets iF Product Design Award 2013

48 // 09.11.2012
Nusser, Beck, ODM, Stausberg

Stadtmöbel App also shows references on a map

49 // 24.10.2012

The BECK book is available

50 // 27.09.2012

Two NUSSER products are chosen for the project "besitzbare Stadt" in Griesheim

51 // 09.08.2012

Litterbin prevents graffiti

52 // 27.04.2012
Nusser, Beck, ODM, Stausberg

Nusser benches and Beck litterbins for a new school north of Frankfurt

53 // 17.02.2012
Nusser, Beck, ODM, Stausberg

Try our Stadtmöbel App for iPhone and iPad

54 // 12.12.2011

55 // 21.04.2011

We produce 100% of the needed electricity by solar energy

56 // 10.03.2011
Nusser, Beck, ODM, Stausberg

Download our cataloques from this website

57 // 12.01.2011
Nusser, Beck, ODM, Stausberg

iF product design award 2011 for FIGURA

58 // 07.09.2010
Nusser, Beck, ODM, Stausberg

City of Neu-Ulm successfully works with Limpero boxes

59 // 14.05.2010

Some benches can be added by LED light