// FSC® Tropical Hardwood


There is a heated debate over the use of tropical hardwood. People are most concerned about the loss of rainforests. In many cases in the past and still in part today, tropical hardwood has been harvested by forest clearing.
Today, however, many countries with rainforests have adopted sustainable harvesting methods. For the most part, this change has been brought about by organisations that certify this sustainability to consumers of such tropical hardwood and actually verify the path of the wood from the source to the consumer. The best known and most reputable of these organizations is the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®). Their certification starts in the rainforests, goes on to the saw mills, the trading companies, the manufacturers and then to the distributors of the wood products. All parties in that chain have to be certified by the FSC®. Their certification ultimately assures the consumer, that the tropical hardwood used comes from sustainably managed rainforests.
Back in 2009, Nusser has been certified by the FSC®. Our certification number is SCS-COC-001802 and our license code is FSC-C012729.
The availability of certified tropical hardwood is somewhat limited. The type of hardwood we normally use is Iroko (also known as Kambala). On occasion we also use Sapele.
More information about the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) can be found under www.fsc.org.