// Maintenance instructions wood


Exposure to the sun and especially UV-light in the summer and to rain and frost in the winter will take a toll on exposed surfaces over time. This is why we use only the highest quality materials. It is common, that our products are placed outside and that they have to weather the elements. Our products are suitable for such conditions.
We are well known for our high quality standards and for our extended warranty.
In order to maintain the looks and durability of our wood slats, certain maintenance work has to be performed:

// Wood slats without staining  

After several months exposure to sun and rain, untreated wood in general turns from a typical fresh cut color to a more silver gray color. This is what we call “the patina of wood”. It also depends on the type of wood and on the location, where the bench has been placed.

// Wood slats with glaze  

As an option, wood slats can be glazed. For invironmental reasons, typically water based glaze is applied. Therefore, glazing does not hold-up as long as it used to.

Every one to two years the glazed wood slats need refurbishing.

// Painted wood slats  

While the glaze allows moisture penetrate the wood and the wood also can diffuse out again, paint forms a resist layer or a continuous envelope of the wood. This protects the wood very well. However, make sure that the paint layer is not violated. If the paint by mechanical damage or modifications to the wood has flaws, you should repaint at this point. Otherwise water penetrates into the wood, "wanders" under the paint layer and then can not dry properly. This leads to further damage to the lacquer layer and may cause fungus or rot.

// In general ...  

Do not continuously expose the wood to moisture or place it in areas with little or no sun, i.e. under big trees or the north side of buildings. Benches should not be covered with leafs or snow for long periods of time. Rain and moisture in general will not reduce the durability of wood, as long its dried by the sun or dry air soon after. After time, hairline type cracks will develop on the surface of the wood, which do not have any significant impact on the functionality of the bench.