Our Values

Like any organization, our businesses are shaped by the people working in them. This is not only true for defining workflows and responsibilities, but more importantly for how people interact with each other. This is not only applies for the interaction within our own corporate group, but also with our customers, suppliers, and partners. Our shareholders and owners, Susanne and Jörg W. Nusser, who both place a high priority on respectful and appreciative interaction, play a particularly important role in this respect.

First and foremost, the day-to-day interaction is based on the set of values brought along by each person, which should ideally have significant overlap with that of everyone else. For this purpose, both the management and the workforce of NUSSER GROUP have invested considerable efforts into addressing the topic of values. This resulted in a compilation of values that appeared particularly important to us and that we strive to achieve as best as possible. This includes us and each and every individual in our corporate group. These are the standards by which we are measured, although "nobody is perfect" applies in this respect as well.

Find the NUSSER values here:

Nusser Values