Care & maintenance

Wood components

Depending on the location, natural woods already develop a silver-gray surface finish after a few months. This "patina" protects the wood against weather influences.

Glazed wood components should undergo an annual visual inspection. We recommend cleaning with mild soapy water as needed. The durability of woods generally greatly depends on the location and the wood species. If needed, wood can be additionally cleaned with a commercially available mold removal agent. The wood can then be surface-sanded and re-treated with an open-pore glaze, which is ideally applied in two coats.

The following applies generally...

Wood should be protected against lengthy moisture exposure. Avoid very moist installation locations, such as permanently shaded areas (such as the north side of buildings) or below large trees. Make sure that leaves or snow do not remain on the wooden slats for an extended time. Bird droppings also degrade the durability of the wood. Moisture generally does not damage wood products, as long as they are allowed to dry off quickly and thoroughly. Our products are resistant to winter weather and can therefore remain outdoors all year long. However, if you nevertheless decide to overwinter the benches indoors, be sure to avoid extreme temperature and weather fluctuations (such as in heated rooms).

Engineered materials

Our acrylic slats require no special care. For cleaning, we recommend our cleaning agents or commercially available acetone-free cleaning agents – by themselves or also in combination with a pressure cleaner.

The maintenance effort for Pagwood® is also low. Dirt should be removed once annually with water and mild soapy water.

Movable components

Movable components such as locks on our trash bins and lock-out posts should undergo a function test once annually.

On this occasion, major dirt buildup should be removed and the mechanism should be fitted with new grease. This can be accomplished with commercially available grease or oil.