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Social commitment

At NUSSER, we fully appreciate our responsibility to our fellow countrymen and our environment. The ties to the region and the proactive social commitment of the company founders continue to be nurtured by the Gretel-Nusser Foundation and are fostered by today's shareholders. As a result, we were already in 2011 awarded the Midsized Business Prize of the Land Baden-Württemberg and the Caritas.

We are also committed to giving persons with disabilities an opportunity to lead a normal life by integrating them into job programs offered by the company. We do so by working closely together with RAPS gemeinnützige Werkstätten GmbH. But we are also dedicated to integrating refugees with qualified training and adult education.

PV system

Ecological commitment

In addition to social stewardship, our business activities are shaped by ecologically sustainable production. Since 2009, our company has been certified to FSC®, and we exclusively use wood from sustainably managed regions. Our certificate number is: SCS-COC-001802. Our Service Area has more information about FSC and generally about the wood we use.

A long-standing network of regional suppliers ensures short transportation routes to keep emissions to a minimum.

In an effort to avoid waste, we rely exclusively on glass beverage bottles for our employees, and have the stated objective of converting essentially all business processes to a paperless format by the end of 2020.

Based on our extensive wood construction experience, our own buildings are outstanding examples for energy-efficient and resource-conserving production. Based on exemplary insulation of the building shell and controlled makeup and exhaust ventilation with heat reclaim feature, the office building can be designated as a passive structure. The manufacturing buildings were constructed based on the low-energy standard of a residential building.

Wood briquettes

As part of a sophisticated closed-loop system, all wood chips generated by our production processes are pressed into bricks and used for heating purposes by our wood heater in a fully automated process.

Already since 2005, the shareholders of NUSSER GROUP started investing into photovoltaic systems on our roofs. Since 2010, we have had the ability to produce more energy than would be required to operate our equipment and machinery. At our headquarters in Winnenden, two charging stations for electrical vehicles were commissioned in 2019. Since December 2019, we also have a new E Golf in our vehicle fleet. Together with the photovoltaic plants already installed on our roofs, we then contribute toward climate neutral energy consumption.