telephone consultation

We place a top priority on in-person consultation and support. Our experienced in-house and field sales staff will advise you competently and enthusiastically in their day-to-day work with other people.

We wish to understand your idea and the associated requirements for the construction project and the outdoor furnishings so that we can give you qualified support for your planning activities.

If our standard products are not what you need for a particular project, our in-house manufacturing allows us to make the technical adjustments to meet your specific expectations. More importantly, this flexibility allows us to work together with you to turn your individual design ideas into reality as custom fabrications. This is done by taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of the available technical implementations. As the planner or property owner, you can place your trust in our experienced and reliable employees and know that your project is in good hands with NUSSER.

It goes without saying that we will support you beyond the planning phase. We are delighted to assist you with our experience for installation & assembly and for the care & maintenance of our products. Do not hesitate to contact us. Click here for more basic information and tips.

Consultation on the city furniture

In-person visit
We are at your side, not only over the telephone or by email. We place a high priority on personal interaction. We are therefore always happy to visit you for an on-site in-person meeting. Our full-time field sales staff are experienced practitioners who will passionately support the planning and implementation efforts for your outdoor furnishings.

Frequently, scanning our catalog or looking at our website is not enough - you are after all making a long-term investment. We will therefore of course make samples of our products available free of charge. Do not hesitate to ask us.