BECKstar Serie G2



Bollard made from mild steel pipe with heads in three different shapes. Bollard is hot dip galvanized, powder coating in RAL/DB available as an option. Different aluminum heads are available. Bollard is available for embedding or as a detachable bollard.

G2-Sxx: For embedding with curved steel (S1100) or aluminum
head (S10xx) and curved base collar
G2-SF: Same as G2-Sxx but with flat cap and circular collar
G-BPR: Steel plate for surface mount
G-B76G: With universal ground sleeve and clamp collar for
G2-Hxx: Detachable bollard with ground sleeve for embedding.
Curved steel (H1100) or aluminum cap (H10xx) and
curved collar
G2-HF: Same as G2-Hxx but with flat cap and circular collar

Diameter: 76 mm Height: 900 mm