A111V - 50 Liter mit Ascher


Litter Bin A 111V with ash tray
Capacity 50 liters

A111V-B50A Litter bin, steel, 50 l, round perforation 7 mm, movable, with ash tray, hot dip galvanized, powder coated, round tube 42 x 3 mm, pivoted bin 350 x 650 mm

Picture shows A111V-B50A

Options: (. =place holder)
A111V-.....: Stainless steel
A111.-S....: extended for embedding in concrete foundation
A111.-B....: freestanding or surface mounted
A111.-.50..: 50 liters, alternative 25 liters = A110
A111.-....A: with ash tray
A111.-....D: with pendular lid
A111.-...AD: with ash tray and pendular lid