ZWILLINGtop Serie AB13/4



Litter Bin with ash tray, round with flat canopy roof on U-shaped post

Manufactured from mild steel sheet metal, hot dip galvanized and optionally powder coated. Litter bin is combined with an ash tray between bin and roof. Complete with tilting mechanism and snap-lock for quick disposal.
Available capacities are 45 and 60 liters for litter bins and 7 liters for the ash tray.

A13/4-S: Embedded Post, or steel plate for surface mount (option)
A13/4-W: Wall mount
DKR, BER: Galvanized inner-bin made from wire mesh or sheet metal
for easy litter removal

Diameter: 340 mm.
Container height: 485 mm (60 liters: 585 mm).
Overall height: 1020 mm (60 liters: 1120 mm).