Modular and robust, versatile and strong ; bench landscapes are blended in with urban spaces and the flow of natural surroundings. One base element can be combined with extensions to mimic the flow of the landscape or challenge it. There is the form of a snake or a clover leaf with few limits to the creative mind to build areas to communicate and relax.
This bench has tubular supports which are set in a concrete base, which is provided by others. All steel parts are hot dip galvanized and optionally powder coated with a dark metallic gray (like DB 703). If requested, a stainless steel, u-shaped tube can be added as a backrest.

Design: Winkelbauer
Design award: iF product design award 2011

Type of wood: FSC®-hardwood (SCS-COC-001802), untreated

Length base element: 2350 mm
Length of add-on element: 1200 mm
Width: 990 / 800 mm
Profile: 190 x 45 mm
Weight base element: 90 kg