Contemporary litter bin with ash tray to complement our bench series DESSAU I – III.

Rectangular body with a flat top and square opening. Vertical wood slats. Ash tray integrated in the roof. Capacity is 70liters. This litter bin can be mounted to the floor or free standing. The top can be opened for the removal of garbage. For unauthorized access, it can be locked. Inside is a separate bin made of galvanized sheet metal for either direct garbage disposal or to be fitted with a plastic bag. All steel parts are hot dip galvanized and powder coated with a dark metallic gray (like DB 703).

Design: Raoul van Geisten

Type of wood: FSC Hardwood, Softwood (Douglas Fir)

Cross section: 480 x 410 mm
Height: 750 mm
Profile of the wood slats: 55 x 25 mm (V70) // 100 x 25 mm (H70)
Weight: 37 kg
Wood: untreated